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Dipl.-Math. Markus Probst

Office address
Rogowski Building, Room 224
Schinkelstraße 2
52062 Aachen
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Contact & Personal Information
Phone: +49 241 80 99921

Research interests

  • PDE-constrained (Shape) Optimization with applications in blood and plasics flow
  • Computational fluid dynamics, especially hemodynamics, and finite element methods
  • Automatic differentiation and sensitivity analysis
  • Virtual reality and visualization
  • Numerics of conservation laws, especially traffic modeling

Work notes

Job offers for students

CMAME Pathline-based hemolysis measures in shape optimization of medical devices
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FEF2011 M. Probst, M. Nicolai, and M. Behr Hemodynamic Modeling for Numerical Analysis and Design of Medical Devices, 16th International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems, Munich, Germany, March 2011.
atp edition W. Michaeli, C. Windeck, M. Behr, S. Elgeti, M. Probst, and M. Nicolai, Automatische Optimierung in der Profilextrusion, atp edition, 3 (2011) 54–61.
CMAME M. Probst, M. Lülfesmann, M. Nicolai, H.M. Bücker, M. Behr and C.H. Bischof, Sensitivity of Optimal Shapes of Artificial Grafts with Respect to Flow Parameters, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 199 (2010) 997-1005.
IJNMF M. Probst, M. Lülfesmann, H.M. Bücker, M. Behr and C.H. Bischof, Sensitivity of Shear Rate in Artificial Grafts Using Automatic Differentiation, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 62 (2010) 1047-1062.
BFG09 M. Probst, M. Nicolai, S. Elgeti and M. Behr Shape Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis with Applications in Complex Fluids, 14th Belgian-French-German Conference on Optimization, Leuven, Belgium, September 2009.
Kunststoffe W. Michaeli, M. Behr, S. Elgeti, M. Probst, M. Nicolai, B. Fink and C. Windeck, Die Design: Automatically Optimizing Profile Dies, Kunststoffe International, 7 (2009) 28–30.
Kunststoffe S. Elgeti, M. Probst, M. Nicolai, C. Windeck, B. Fink, M. Behr and W. Michaeli, Towards Shape Optimization of Extrusion Dies Using Finite Elements, Journal of Plastics Technology, 6 (2009) 411–427.
VIS2008 B. Hentschel, Irene Tedjo, M. Probst, M. Wolter, M. Behr, C.H. Bischof and T. Kuhlen Interactive Blood Damage Analysis for Ventricular Assist Devices, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 14 (2008) 1515–1522. Award for Best Application at the IEEE Vis08 Conference.
NIC-report M. Behbahani, M. Behr, M. Nicolai and M. Probst, Towards Shape Optimization for Ventricular Assist Devices Using Parallel Stabilized FEM, in Proceedings of the NIC Symposium 2008, NIC Series (2008) 325–331. [Abstract] [PDF (4,649K)]
LNCS M. Behr, M. Nicolai and M. Probst, Efficient Parallel Simulations in Support of Medical Device Design, in Parallel Computing: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications, Proceedings of the International Conference ParCo 2007, NIC Series (2007) 19–28. [Abstract] [PDF (2,560K)]
LNCS B. Wylie, M. Geimer, M. Nicolai and M. Probst, Performance Analysis and Tuning of the XNS CFD Solver on BlueGene/L, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 4757, Proceedings of the 14th EuroPVM/MPI Conference, Springer (2007) 107–116. [Abstract] [PDF (1,386K)]
INSIDE M. Behbahani, M. Nicolai, M. Probst and M. Behr Simulation of Blood Flow in a Ventricular Assist Device, in inSiDE: Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland , Vol. 5, No. 1 (2007). [PDF (820K)]


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