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Computational Engineering Science


Computational Engineering Science (CES) is a bachelor's and master's study program sequence (first offered in 2002 as Diplom program), combining skills in engineering, mathematics and computer science. The master's program is consecutive, i.e., it requires a completion of a matching batchelor's program. Together with the Computational Engineering program at the University of Erlangen running since 2000, CES is one of the earliest study programs offering interdisciplinary education from the very start of the bachelor's sequence. The program is coordinated by the departments of mechanical engineering (FB4), mathematics, computer science and natural sciences (FB1) and georesources and materials engineering (FB5).

For an introduction to CES specific to the research at CATS, see our Introduction to Simulation. For a sample of analysis methods being developed, and their applications, see our Research page. CES is one of the areas of excellence in Aachen (see Strategic Agreement between RWTH Aachen and Ministry of Innovation as well as RWTH 2020 Strategy Concept of RWTH as an Elite University); the master's program is the basis for the Excellence Initiative graduate school AICES, along with the non-consecutive master's program in Simulation Sciences (SiSc) organized by the German Research School in Simulation Science (GRS).

CATS Courses in CES

Basic required courses (bachelor):

  • CES Mechanics I (1st semester)
  • CES Mechanics II (2nd semester)
  • Modules in Simulationstechnik I (1st semester) and Software Engineering Lab (3rd semester)

Advanced courses (bachelor/master):



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