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Positions available at CATS

Doctoral Positions

Doctoral and Master stipends are available in the graduate school Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science.

We are always interested in exceptional doctoral candidates. Contact Prof. Behr or Dr. Elgeti about possible openings.

Master/Bachelor/Project Theses or Student Assistant - Specific Offers

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Simulation of the Filling and Packing Stage of Injection Molding (PDF).
HiwistelleExtruderIMG Mischteiloptimierung in Einschneckenextrudern (PDF).
ExtruderSimulationThesisImg Strömungssimulation in Doppelschneckenextrudern (PDF)
Gitteradaption zur Formoptimierung von Temperierkanälen für Druckgusswerkzeuge (PDF).
Formoptimierung von Temperierkanälen für Druckgusswerkzeuge (PDF).
Spline Based Methods for FSI (PDF).
Storage Basins Under Seismic Loading (PDF).
Simulation of Blood Flow and Blood Damage in Heart Pumps (PDF)
AushangBachelor2012.png Numerical Stability Analysis of Viscoelastic Fluid Simulations (Untersuchungen zur numerischen Stabilität von Simulationen viskoelatischer Stoffe) (PDF)
student_offer_cns_stab_thumb.png Stabilization and Shock Capturing for Compressible flow (PDF).
student_offer_CNS_FSI_thumb.png Shock-Induced Fluid-Structure Interaction in Supersonic Flows (PDF).
Development of an oil cooling jet simulation (img) Development of an oil cooling jet simulation
PackagingMachineThesis.png Flow Simulation in Packaging Machines (PDF).
pistonrings.png Three-dimensional CFD-Simulation of Gas Flow around Piston Rings (PDF).
Development of a Modern Solver in C++ (PDF).
master_thesis_offer_amr (img) Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multiphase Flows Simulations

A list of further topics is found here.

Master/Bachelor/Project theses - general

  • Stabilized finite element methods for viscoelastic fluids
  • Space-time finite element techniques for deforming domain modeling
  • Blood pump modeling and optimization
  • Free-surface flow modeling in channels and spillways

Contact Dr. Elgeti for further information.

Summer Internships

Although we attempt to read requests for summer internships, we are most often not able to accommodate such requests or respond to them individually.

Each summer, our projects for US students are listed in the UROP database.

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