ECCOMAS YIC 7th Young Investigators Conference 2023

June 19 - 21, 2023

In June 2023, the ECCOMAS YIC - 7th Young Investigators Conference 2023 will take place in Porto, Portugal. The organizing Committee includes:

  • Ana Ramos, Civil Engineering (Construct), Chairwoman
  • Carolina Furtado, Mechanical Engineering (LAETA), Co-Chairwoman
  • Aires Colaço, Civil Engineering (Construct)
  • Albertino Arteiro, Mechanical Engineering (LAETA)
  • André Furtado, Civil Engineering (CERIS, Instituto Superior Técnico)
  • Cláudio Horas, Civil Engineering (Construct)
  • Igor Lopes, Mechanical Engineering (LAETA)
  • Rodrigo Carvalho, Mechanical Engineering (LAETA)
  • Sérgio Pereira, Civil Engineering (Construct)

Some members of the CATS team will participate.