INTERESST in the group title stands of course for “Interdisciplinary Research on Stabilized Space Time”. In late 2015, this group evolved from a merger between the biofluids group and additional projects.

In the area of modeling, INTERESST members work on:

  • hemolysis models quantifying the red blood cell damage due to shear,
  • constitutive models for blood, of both shear-thinning and viscoelastic kind,
  • description of chromatography processes, and
  • material models for injection molding.

Concerning computational methods, the areas are:

  • mesh update methods that accommodate rotating mechanical components,
  • stabilized discretization methods for advection-diffusion-reaction processes,
  • interface-capturing methods based on level-set techniques, and
  • unstructured space-time meshing in 3D and 4D.

Work group members

Anna Maria Ranno

Blanca Ferrer Fabón

F abio Guglietta

Jayghosh Rao

Linda Gesenhues

Maximilian Schuster

S tefan Wittschieber

T obias Bongartz