Fluid-Structure Interaction Work Group


The Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) group at CATS is focussing on problems for which the continuum mechanics problem can be divided into a fluid and a structural domain, clearly divided by an interface and not possible to solve indepedently. The research of the group includes the development of methods as well as application-based analysis of physical phenomena. The group benefits a lot from the close cooperation with both other groups.

Currently we are focussing on applications of the following fields:

  • Aeroelasticity & Aerothermoelasticity
  • Hydroelasticity
  • Automotive Engineering • Civil Engineering

Our numerical methods include:

  • Temporal & Spatial Coupling
  • Mesh Deformation
  • Reduced Order Models
  • Optimal Control
  • Spline-based finite element methods
  • Improvement of single field solvers (i.e. for compressible fluids)

Work group members

Max von Danwitz

Michel Make

Thomas Spenke