Simulation Methods in Mechanical Engineering

  Simulation of an airplane wing Copyright: © Manuel Brüderlin

Lecture "Simulation Methods in Mechanical Engineering" is a mandatory course in the fourth semester of Bachelor study program "Mechanical Engineering"



Norbert Hosters

Research Associate


+49 241 80-99915




Monday 12:30 to 14:00, lecture room H01

Wednesday 10:30 to 12:00, lecture room H01

Laboratory: Multiple times, see RWTHonline

Office hour: Wednesday 13:30-14:15 in Rogowski 227, see Moodle for details



CATS part: Prof. Marek Behr, Ph.D.


The module Simulation Methods will impart fundamental skills for solving simulation problems independently. This includes the construction of mathematical models as well as the application of these models in simulation software. Solutions of simulation problems are going to be discussed with the help of a process scheme, of which each single step is reviewed in detail. The question at hand could be how a technical system can be abstracted and which mathematical equations are representative for it. A sample of commercial simulation tools will be also introduced and discussed from a user's perspective.

The module consists of a lecture and exercises with 3 SWS each, and carries 6 ECTS points.


  • AVT part:
    • time-continuous state-space concept
    • continuous linear and non-linear systems
    • differential-algebraic systems
    • discrete systems
    • structured, electrical, thermodynamical and mechanical system modeling
    • parameter influence and parameter estimation
  • CATS part:
    • finite differences
    • finite elements
    • finite volumes
    • error analysis


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Written exam. Bonus points can be obtained in the laboratory.

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Interpolation functions (german)
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Assemblage (german)
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