CES Mechanics I

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Lecture “CES Mechanics I” is a mandatory course in the first semester of Bachelor study program “Computational Engineering Science”


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Marek Behr



+49 241 80-99901



Calendar WS 2023/24

Lecture: Monday 10:30-12:00, HKW 2

Exercise: Wednesday 14:30-15:15, PPS H2

Guided exercise: Wednesday 15:30-16:00, PPS H2

Office hour Prof. Behr: to be announced



Lecture: Prof. Marek Behr, Ph.D.

Exercises: Tobias Bongartz, M.Sc., Thomas Spenke, M.Sc.


This lecture covers two semesters and is held only for Computational Engineering Science students. In the first semester, the focus is on statics. Here everything is still in equilibrium. After a short introduction to vector calculus, we go ahead with the main topics.

The module consists of a lecture with 2 SWS and an exercise with 1 SWS, and carries 4 ECTS points. An optional hands-on exercise with 1 SWS is also offered.


  • forces and moments, couples
  • resultants, distributed loads
  • static equilibrium, free body diagrams
  • multi-body equilibrium
  • trusses, method of joints, method of sections
  • internal forces in beams and frames
  • friction, tipping, rolling resistance
  • numerical solution of statics problems


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  2. W. Hauger, C. Krempaszky, W. Wall, E. Werner, Formeln und Aufgaben zu Technische Mechanik 1-3 , 9th edition, Springer


Written exam together with CES Mechanics II in the subsequent Summer semester.